Our Terms & Conditions

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When you leave your pets with us for their holidays, you can have peace of mind that they will be cared for to the very highest standards and we will do all we can to replicate their home routine. If your pet has any specific requirements, please let us know beforehand and we will try to offer advice on how to best help your pet settle in so they feel safe and comfortable whilst with us. We welcome all guests to The Pet Joint, but as you would expect with any establishment we do have several terms and conditions in order for guests to stay with us which are outlined below.

Please note - A copy of our Terms & Conditions, Boarding Agreement and Guest Checklist can be printed off by following the link below if you would prefer to fill it at home to save time upon check in:

T’S & C’s, Boarding Agreement and Guest Checklist


It is important that your pet is fully up to date a minimum of 7 full days prior to their stay with us. This is for your pet's benefit as well as the welfare of any other guests.

All canine guests must be accompanied by an up to date vaccination record of a veterinary approved protection scheme against distemper, kennel cough, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis and other relevant diseases.

Feline guests must be accompanied by an up to date vaccination record of a veterinary approved protection scheme against cat flu and feline enteritis.

Rabbit guests must be accompanied by an up to date vaccination record of a veterinary approved protection scheme against myxomatosis and RHD or RHD2.

Any guests who do not have evidence of up to date vaccinations will not be permitted to stay at The Pet Joint. We must stress that it is the pet owners responsibility to maintain these treatments and The Pet Joint will not be held responsible for any losses if we have to refuse a guest based on this. If in doubt, please contact us or your vet.

Viewings and opening times for guests checking in & out

You are most welcome to view our home boarding facilities any day of the week including weekends, but all viewings are strictly by appointment only. This is so that we can plan any appointments around the care of our guests and not impact the quality of their stay with us. Please contact us with your requirements and we will check our availability in our diary for the day and time you require.

Our opening times for guests checking in and out are: 08:00-11:00 and 16:00-19:00 daily.

Bookings, payments & deposits

If it is the first time you are using The Pet Joint we ask that you fill in one of our booking forms when you come to meet us which will give us all the necessary information needed to ensure your pet has the very best stay with us. As much information as possible on their normal routine, their likes/dislikes and any other necessary information is always welcomed so that we can really personalise their holiday with us.

Please remember if you've used us before that we will need a new copy of any vaccination records if the copy we hold has expired.

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required within 48 hours of a booking being made otherwise we regret the vacancy will have to be made available to other guests.

Payments may be made either as cash or bank transfer into our business account. Any remaining balances must be paid by the time a guest checks in with us. Invoices and receipts can be issued if required.

We are open 365 days of the year but are closed on Christmas day for check ins and check outs. Our rates remain the same all year including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

If you collect your pet before the end of the booked stay, the full fee still applies.

All bookings are priced per night. We will require check in and check out requirements prior to a guest's stay. This is to minimise any risk of a guest arriving before another has checked out.

Pet taxi service

We can offer a pick up and drop off service to the local area if required. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a quote.

Treatments, medications, medical conditions and general health

For a guest to be able to stay at The Pet Joint, they must also be fully treated and up to date with their parasite control including worming, fleas, ticks and lice. Any treatments must be of veterinary strength such as Drontal, Panacur, Frontline Plus or Advantage. If you are unsure if we accept a certain treatment please contact us or speak to your vet prior to making a booking.

We are happy to administer medications at no additional cost but we must have full veterinary instructions on the bottle and be notified of this prior to a stay.

Where possible we would advise neutering or castrating your pet if you do not plan to allow them to breed. If for any reason this is not possible we must be informed prior to their stay and we regret that if a bitch is due to have a season during her stay or unexpectedly comes into season before her stay we will not be able to home board your pet. We cannot accept any liability for this and we would encourage owners who may be vulnerable to this situation to have a contingency plan in place.

All guests must appear to be fit and healthy upon check in. If you have any concerns prior to arrival please do contact us to discuss these. We regret that if a pet does appear to be unwell upon arrival that we will not be able to home board them in line with our council licence conditions and to protect the well-being of our other guests. We cannot be held responsible for any losses that may be incurred for this and we would advise having a contingency plan in place for this and any relevant insurances that may be required.

Minimum/Maximum ages

All of our guests must be over 12 weeks old prior to a stay and fully up to date with all treatments and vaccinations. We do not have an upper age limit on guests staying with us as long as they are fit and healthy.


Nowadays there are many types of diets available for your pet. With this in mind, and to prevent any upset stomachs, all guests must arrive with enough of their normal diet for the duration of their stay and instructions for feeding times and amounts on the box or bag.

Damage & misbehaviour

As home boarders we do expect a certain level of damage and wear and tear. We understand beds sometimes get chewed or torn, toys destroyed or that we may get the odd accident on a rug for example. However we are a luxury home boarding service, not a kennels. Our guests need to be used to being free in this type of environment. Any damage to structures such as doors or walls or sofas will be need to be repaired or replaced at the owners expense to a maximum fee of £50 during their stay. It is rare that we ever have to enforce this policy but not all guests are suited to home boarding. If we feel this is the case when we meet you and your pet when you visit us we will do our best to recommend alternative carers in the area.

In line with our council guidelines, any guests who present aggressive tendencies or pose a danger towards any other guests or people will be removed at our discretion and isolated. This has never happened, but as an approved, licensed and insured home boarding service we have to have this policy in place. The Pet Joint cannot be held responsible for any additional costs that this may incur.

If you have any concerns please do contact us to discuss these in more detail.

Many thanks,

The Pet Joint